In 2017, Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) granted a record amount: over $24.6 million! These grants helped more than 600 registered charities and 300 students, primarily in the Edmonton area, making our community more sustainable, healthy, engaged, and vibrant.

Since its inception in 1989, ECF has granted over $220 million! These grants are possible thanks to the generosity of donors, past and present. Donors at ECF contribute to permanently endowed funds, the income from which supports grants today and forever.

Here we share our grants to raise awareness of the work of ECF and our charitable partners. It is our most detailed look at how ECF supports our community. For more information on our granting programs, please visit this page. You may also access the information outlined here in an open data format.

Grants by Sector

Grants by Program

Area of Focus110,000
Community Fund for Canada’s 150th211,860
Community Grants Program2,539,356
Community Play Space10,000
Foundation Directed Initiatives1,570,000
Rebuilding Fort McMurray Fund976,550
Small Grants379,143
Student Awards1,063,122
Vital Signs Grants500,000
Young Edmonton Grants61,971
Designated Grants5,028,845
Donor Advised Grants12,144,651

Total amount granted: $24,595,498