Following the fire in 2016, community foundations in Alberta and across Canada recognized the scope and heartbreak of the wildfire damage.  They supported and valued the overwhelmingly positive efforts of first responders, volunteers, charities, municipalities, and others, and the tremendous skill of the Canadian Red Cross in the disaster relief provided to tens of thousands of people.

The Rebuilding Fort McMurray Fund was established to help restore and enhance the quality of life and social infrastructure of the Fort McMurray community. It is a non-endowed fund. ECF is now working in partnership with the newly established Wood Buffalo Community Foundation to disburse the remainder of the fund.

ACFA Régionale de Wood BuffaloProgram Delivery 30,000
To resume delivery of programs, supporting resources, materials, registration fees and staff support.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Wood BuffaloCommunity Based Mentoring Program 65,000
To provide children and youth with a positive adult role model with programs that include the traditional match, couples match, friend for a day, and youth initiated mentoring.
Centre of Hope Non-Profit Society of Fort McMurrayProgramming Needs 65,890
An array of supports and services specifically designed to meet the unique and varying needs of individual's experiencing homelessness in the community.
Children First: Community Child Care Network SocietyStaff and board training and development 87,000
To help repair and rebuild to better serve families and the community facing challenges after the wildfire.
Fort McMurray Catholic Board of EducationEarly Learning and Child Care Conference 5,000
An annual conference organized by the Fort McMurray Early Years Coalition, from the Rebuilding Fort McMurray Fund.
Fort McMurray Catholic Board of EducationRotary District 5370 Fall Conference 2017 Youth Rally 7,500
Inspire youth leaders to think outside the box regarding impact on their community and have global impact.
Fusesocial Wood Buffalo SocietySmall Grants 10,000
To provide small grants to organizations with smaller needs.
Fusesocial Wood Buffalo SocietyArts Recovery Working Group 19,100
To hire a contractor for three months to create the Arts Recovery Strategy.
Fusesocial Wood Buffalo SocietyCanadian Index of Wellbeing Survey for Wood Buffalo 20,000
To provide a second Canadian Index of Wellbeing survey, a composite index, composed of eight interconnected domains that measures stability and change in the wellbeing of Canadians over time.
FuseSocial Wood Buffalo SocietyVolunteer Village 20,000
Volunteer Village for the NGOs Supporting the Uninsured and Underinsured Residents Initiative.
Fusesocial Wood Buffalo SocietyAnzac Family Community Support Society 32,900
To cover half the salary of the Executive Director and incidental costs.
Fusesocial Wood Buffalo SocietySocial Prosperity 241,500
An innovative process among social profits, funders, policy makers and community, to explore new ideas to leverage the sector's capacity to be resilient.
Hub Family Resource CentreRenovations 31,000
To provide towards the improvement and enhancement of a facility.
Hub Family Resource CentreWood Buffalo Child and Youth Advocacy Centre 109,500
This cover equipment,furnishings, and rent for one year.
King's Kids PromotionsEquipment replacement and mental health support 30,000
To replace two back up power units and specialized mental health support for staff members.
Rehoboth AllianceRehoboth Alliance 75,000
To address both funding cuts, the municipality made because of reduced tax revenue, including to the Community Plan on Homelessness, and an increase in demand for services.
St. Aidan's House SocietyProgram Service Delivery 60,000
To support staffing costs to maintain programs, such as the Community Projects Portfolio and Seniors Outreach.
Support Through Housing Team (STHT)Critical Incidence Stress Management for Communities 55,100
Deliver critical incident stress management training in Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Anzac and Janvier.
Wood Buffalo Educare SocietySupport for internally subsidized families 4,560
Subsidies for families experiencing hardship as a result of the Fort McMurray fire.
Young Alberta Book SocietyRMWB October Literacy Promotion 7,500
To promote a love of literacy that will bring in authors that help young people learn about the culture around them and the history that made Canada.

Total amount granted: $976,550