An initiative made possible by the Pilot Fund for Gender Equality, a collaboration between Edmonton Community Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada, the Equality Fund, and support from the Government of Canada, to support and build gender equality.

Organization Program Grants
Azimuth Theatre AssociationMultiplicity of the Feminine Narrative$25,000
To facilitate a number of organizational and public activities that feature women as producers, creators, and performers of narratives surrounding their life experiences.
Centre for Race and CultureGender Inclusivity in the Workplace: A Practical Guide$16,250
To design and develop a practical guide for gender inclusivity in the workshop.
Council for the Advancement of African Canadians in AlbertaEqually Potential$15,320
A collaborative project that that will identifies factors leading to gendered inequality among women of African descent.
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers SocietyGlobal Girls: Sharing Stories Showcase$25,000
Young women will explore share their stories through a variety of methods, calumniating in a showcase event of their stories.
Good Women Dance SocietyThe Beginning of Happiness$9,888
To mount a new collaborative music and dance show addressing contemporary female perspectives on domestic violence.
Indo-Canadian Women's Association of Edmonton Conference on Engaging Men to Stop Violence Against Women$5,080
To explore sexist attitudes that promote gender violence within and beyond the family.
John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights Strengthening the Foundations of a Human Rights City$8,850
To build intentional collaborations around human rights in Edmonton among women-led organizations, while responding to the shifting economic landscape for non-profits.
Multicultural Family Resource SocietyRacialized Women's Leadership Development Project$15,000
To develop and pilot a leadership program for racialized women who wish to serve their communities in the non-profit context.
Multicultural Family Resource SocietyGirls Clubs: "Telling Our Stories"$23,240
A story telling and publishing project in which young racialized girls in Edmonton voice their journey of identifying and developing strategies that have helped them navigate their daily challenges and opportunities as they walk between two worlds
Sexual Assault Centre of EdmontonReducing Barriers and Bridging Support$25,000
To reduce the barriers that racialized and marginalized women, girls, and trans folks face in accessing services at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.
Womens Building Futures Society Employer of Choice Certification Model Employer Portal$25,000
To create an online employer portal that will enable the sharing of resources, to provide a fair and inclusive work environment, as well as promoting safety, apprenticeship completion, and career progression.

Total amount granted: $193,628