Azimuth Theatre AssociationTell Us What Happened$3,000
The premiere of a play that confronts myths about sexual assault.
Banff International Affairs Summer SchoolThe Seminar on the United Nations and International Affairs$3,000
A program to educate high school students about international affairs and empower them to make a difference in their communities.
Canadian Mental Health Association Edmonton RegionOutrun the Stigma 2019$2,300
A fun run to raise money and awareness for mental health.
Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta SocietyTransitions$3,000
A walkthrough photo gallery representing the movement from eating disorder to recovery.
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers SocietyKaren Youth Leadership Camping$2,400
A two day summer camp to foster leadership and empowerment for Karen youth.
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers SocietyPost-Secondary Preparation Workshop$2,300
A workshop for South Sudanese youth as they transition into post-secondary.
Edmonton Public SchoolsFinancial Literacy Winter Retreat (Old Scona)$3,000
Fun camping activities, such as air rifle shooting and tubing, as well as inviting speakers to come in and talk about financial literacy.
Edmonton Public SchoolsJunior High Leadership Challenge (M.E. LaZerte)$1,000
A Junior High Leadership Conference where 15 student teams are challenged to create and support a project at their school which makes it a better place for all.
Edmonton Public SchoolsLand Based Tradition (J. Percy Page)$1,000
A program to spend time interacting with others and exploring crafting and artistic creativity in the spirit of Reconciliation.
Edmonton Public SchoolsMassive Volunteering - Website Launch (McNally)$500
A website connecting youth with various organizations, to empower them by showing them how to get involved and serve their communities.
Edmonton Public SchoolsMicro-Greens Project (Parkview)$500
Equipment to grow and harvest microgreens.
Friends of the Northern Alberta International Children's FestivalAmplify Design Challenge$3,000
A design challenge for aspiring artists.
Guru Nanak Foundation for HumanityYEG Youth Conference$3,000
A youth career conference.
iHuman Youth SocietyRainbow Quest$3,000
Providing a safe and inclusive space for queer and trans youth and their friends to gain confidence in their music and singing abilities while building friendship and community through music and storytelling.
Jack.orgReboot TechxMental Health$1,800
Bringing young leaders from high schools and post-secondary institutions together, in order to educate, develop skills, and brainstorm solutions about mental health in their communities.
John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human RightsRoots and Rhymes$2,500
A forum and cultural event that brings together Filipino youth in the Edmonton region.
Rotary Club of South Edmonton Charitable TrustConsent Carnival$800
A youth-led awareness event that focuses on proper consent and safe-sex practices within relationships.
Theatre Network (1975) SocietyWeal Thyman The Third$3,000
Creation and performance of a new theatre show in the style of clown and bouffon.
University of AlbertaPrairie Environmental Chemistry Colloquium (PECC)$1,500
Fostering a network of support for students beyond their research groups that they can maintain post-graduation.
University of AlbertaRocky Mountain Business Seminar$3,000
A week long, student led conference to network with business professionals.

Total amount granted: $43,600